Journal Entry 6/21

Summer Solstice   Kauai, HI   2012

“Ahh, another summer solstice afternoon, lazy rays of sunshine and a mocking bird melody. Gathering to the beating of waves, and stars that hide behind the daylight, the tinkling of laughter like ice in my cranberry martini. People are gathering to the cliffs, coming in twos and threes, converging upon the west side sands… All of us remember our nature, deeply ingrained within us, a hidden seed just waiting to grow. I watch them come laughing and smiling to walk with the harbor seals.

On this day of all days, the little heathen wench within me misses my drum. To call the wind in a rhythm of soul, to dance the dance of palms on goat skin… I suppose I will be forced to improvise.

The beach is filling up now, and those songs find me even here. In the middle of nowhere, where the radio stations degrade into static, a truck pulls up with Bob Marley singing “Could You Be Loved?” out and proud from the speakers. Makes me smile at the twisted sense of humor life offers me. Last year on the summer solstice, in California, beside a creek shaded by black oaks, that very same song found me then. It comes to me that if a song wants you to listen badly enough, it will hunt your ass down and find you in the boonies.

“Everythings Gonna Be Alright” says Bob. Okay honey, I believe you.

“No Woman, No Cry” Alright, sure thing Bobbie my man, cheers.

So passes the music man, driving off with his stereo still singing into the keawe, a beautiful woman at his side… I could envy such a man, but not today.

Happiness has found me here, where my feet no longer ache and my muscles have finally relaxed. I tell ya, a slight buzz is more profane than a church with no windows, and more soothing than a rowan grove at midnight. I suppose you have to break a few eggs if you want an omelet- Which I do not. I wanna Mondo Burrito. But that’s just me.

I love you my little notebook, if anyone else had been listening to the drivel I have been spouting they would have stopped listening a long time ago.”


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