Life, Or Something

Just some pondering of a wandering mind, wondering predictions and predilections of possible pathways.

You know, just converging my conscience cohesively, contemplating correlating conclusions from my past.

Or something equally groovy…


Understanding even a small fraction of the vast moving force of life is extremely difficult, if only because you trip over your own two feet half the time, and spend the other half always looking at the ground, trying to avoid tripping again… And everybody knows that someone looking at their toes will never see the birds. Perhaps it is true that we are our own worst enemies. If that is so, I believe I have quite an adversary. Learning to roll with my own punches is like a game of cat and mouse, as I dodge and weave through murky pages avoiding the slap of reality.

It does require a certain finesse.


Of all the lessons I have learned so far, the hardest one will be implementing my lessons.


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