Behind Your Eye Lids


Blending into the background of shadow, merging into latent thoughts ’till I’m caught up in the wind of your words. 

Subtly plying the currents of your mind, charting the dangerous reefs and places where sharks hide themselves.

Navigating the drafty unlit rooms where skeletons grin morbidly of your past deceptions, carrying only this feeble lamp of hope into the recess of you.

Unobtrusively I linger in the echoes of fantasy, sinuously twining my scent around your wanting, until my likeness is found haunting your lust.

Quietly I whisper into the hollow of your ear, stirring the hairs on your neck and recalling a shiver of pleasure… Irrelevant is the context, for the lure is soft as velvet.

Laying my calloused palm on the lonely contours of you, defining your flesh with the reality of me.

Ethereal yet pervasive, is this haunting. Reflecting and contrasting what you never dared to see.

You can look away, deny your heart, quash the beauty, but still in silence I will offer.

In the darkness where the need is greatest, where emptiness reverberates your unspoken, that is where you will find me waiting. 





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