While The Earth Was Loving

Once, when time was still young and our hearts were kindred,

Before the flame of passion left only cinders,

Clouds bore the faces of decodent dreamers,

Basking on cheeks kissed by sunlight and sweet grass,


Mountains unfolded like earth’s bodily blooms,

Scenting the wind with the wafting of summer love,

As robins and squirrels in a flirtation of perpetuity,

Went seeking immortality in the flesh of each other,


Merging with the subtle murmurers of fish spawn,

The music of water over stone, trichotomy of opposites,

Sing symbiotic songs to the sexed up salmon,

Who love with the frenzy of encroaching mortality,


And when the raindrops sent wet kisses to smother our sunburns,

We with bare toes splashed in the warm remains,

Littering the fields of sopping daisies,

Where no petals were plucked, because you loved me not.


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