Resounding Silence

Like a supple wind in a whispering wood

I bend around your heart

The walls for so long withstood

Now gently torn apart


My sigh is like a gauntlet thrown

At the foot of your comfy bed

Though the path I walk is still unknown

I’m going where I’m led


Just relaxing with a sweaty beer

Your fingertips in mind

No promises to hold me here

Mentally rewind


I’ve waited long for a twist of fate

But it doesn’t wait on me

The epiphany came much too late

For me to bend the knee


Preheat the oven, light a smoke

Sing the sun to sleep

Unsaid words will make me choke

So silence I will keep


If you want the truth not pretty tales

You will find them in my eyes

When fancy prose and wanting fails

There you’ll find no lies














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