Journal Entry 8/1

“So strange, how the world turns around. Spins me till I’m dizzy with the blur of my surroundings like a whirling dervish. Leaves me reeling in confusion, eyes blood-shot and unfocused, possibilities parading before me like a carrot before the mule.

No answers, only more questions. Holding nothing at all, with my hands full. Metaphors crouching with subtle menace on the margins of my pages, where they smirk knowingly at the state of things. Twirling like a top on the smooth polished surface of a hard wood floor, my colors all blending together till I am a rainbow of my confusion…. What to do?

One step at a time. One day, one hurdle, one kiss.

I’m of course not known for my decision-making. I tend to ride along till I get slapped in the face with eventuality and I am forced to walk the path left to me. Procrastination has always been my devil, yet spontaneity saves me from my wicked self. Throwing down the gauntlet with a sudden force, screaming wildly and launching myself into battle with the weapon of my words singing through the air, but this time there shall be no war. No blood and pain, just simplicity, complicity, and acceptance.

I have made my decision by not making a decision. It may sound like an oxymoron but it’s not.”


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