And Another Thing…

So, I was just wondering, why are humans not included in the circle of life? Are we not a part of this world of wonder?

Think on this:

A worm is a creature of earth, because it lives and relies upon the soil to live.

A hawk is a creature of air, because it makes it’s living riding the wind, without which it could not hunt.

A dolphin is a creature of water, because it lives in the sea and relies on the ocean to provide.


So why is man not a creature of fire?

The only animal that relies upon fire for it’s existence, whos evolution and very survival hinge upon the use of flame, is not mentioned as a part of this circle. Fire cooks the dangerous bacteria from our food and makes it safe for consumption. Fire staves off frostbite and makes expansion possible in hostile environments. Fire glows beneath beakers and feeds science. Fire is harnessed in the engines that propel us.

There is no other animal that relies on fire as we do as a human race. Four elements make up the balance of earth.

All living things are found within the balance.

Yet human kind does not see itself in this web.


You can of course argue that it is our minds that make us different, but I’m sure the bear sees himself as unique in the animal kingdom, for what other creature thinks exactly like a bear? You can say that humans are a creature of all elements, and this is also true- but so is a bear. A bear relies on water for salmon, earth for roots and berries, air for breath, and fire (the sun) to keep his body clock tuned to slumber or hunt. But a bear is primarily a creature of earth, for this is how he lives and evolves. He does not BREATHE water, he does not FLY in the air, and he will flout the movements of the sun if the season is right.

Humans are a fire creature in the same way. We fly in the air, plant in the earth, harvest from the sea, but our primary source is fire. We utilize it for everything we do in our lives, without which we would and could not evolve in the way we have. No steel girders for our sky rises, no plastic in our hospitals, no prescriptions in our drug stores, no asphalt or rubber, no splitting of atoms or refrigerators to keep our food safe, no jets or ferry boats, no evolution past flint and spears.

When I look at the human race, I do not see special beings positioned above the myriad life forms populating the planet, I do not see special creatures lofty and removed from the mollusk or the fly. I see an animal among many animals, feeding and breeding, completing the cycle of eater and eaten.

Is it so insulting to be labeled as an animal? That dog or cat you love unconditionally as a part of your family is not debased by being what it is.


I’m just calling a spade a spade.


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