Personal Inventory

I am 5 feet one inch tall

I have 27 freckles on my left arm, and only 14 on my right

My right eye is slightly smaller than my left

My left hand has visible scars from a house fire

I pluck my eyebrows because they do not grow evenly

I am 113 pounds of muscle and scar tissue

My hair is brown with red tints from Irish blood

My eyes are green but turn blue when I’m angry

I have a writing callous on my right ring finger

I have scars on my hands, arms, legs and feet from 13 years of hard labor

I have hairy toes

The soles of my feet are tough as leather

I have three freckles on my left cheek in the shape of Orion’s Belt

I have a mole on my neck that likes to be kissed

I have small breasts and a bubbly butt

Strong hands that often have thorns embedded in them

Tattoos that map my flesh like road signs

A mind that plays word games

A heart that is secretly romantic

A mouth that smiles wryly

A soul that is wandering



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