Dearly Departed


Time moves around me like a breeze through the keawe, whispering thorny secrets in the voice of a Gecko.

Wildness dances untamed in the darkness between the stars, and all that is known has been written in the sand,


Where hungry tides devoured it.


Shadows move with liquid heaviness, obscuring the pathways my feet seek to wander.

I need only this light of the fickle moon to guide me, through dangers poking through thin slippers.


A salty sea has flavored my lips, lapping at the ocean with a hungry tongue.

Sinuously like a snake, I twine my tread through sandy trails, made by the feet of goats.


Only on my pages.


Pen travelling boldly where wheels and all their innovations lack four wheel drive.

Gearing down, digging in, waiting for the dawn.



To Stacy And Charlie




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