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I have grown weary of the human race describing itself as grandly above the evolution of this planet.

Our brains are so amazing you say? We can write poetry, fly to the moon, build towers and cell phones, tankers and chem trails, what other animal does such things? This proves that we are in fact NOT animals does it? If we are so very clever, why are we killing our planet and living so far beyond our means just to maintain our “quality of life” that we are destroying the very things that GIVE us life?

Comparing the brain of a house cat to the brain of a human is ridiculous, like judging a fish on his ability to fly. Every living thing has evolved in direct reaction to their environment. If we all ate roots, plants would quickly cease to exist and we would all die. If we all lived in the ocean it would quickly be drained of resources and become inhospitable. Every animal has learned how to fit into the greater system and survive. Filling in all the cracks are beetles, dolphins, gorillas and homo-sapiens.

A cheetah can run up to 120 mph. The Jesus lizard can run on water (interesting name). Cold blooded frogs freeze themselves in the winter and actually flat-line for a month or more, then RE-ANIMATE in the spring. The tiny monarch butterfly migrates up to 2000 miles EVERY YEAR. The rhinoceros beetle can carry up to 850 times it’s own body weight. I could go on and on about the amazing abilities of a over a million species on this earth, but what I’m trying to do is give you a little perspective, not reiterate a Nation Geographic special. The fact than humans have a mind capable of technological invention does not make us superior, it makes us UNIQUE. The distinction is a vital one.

To look out upon a vast world of workings so intricate our science has only begun to scratch the surface and say you are above it all is absolutely preposterous.

Humans are so very much like the fire we covet. If kept in check with self awareness and empathy, our fire can create science, tortillas, tin roofing and steel bridges. If we allow our fire to get out of control it will create an Atom Bomb, C-4, blood wars for oil and government gangs. All of us have the abilities to do amazing things with the power of our minds, but our minds themselves is not what makes us human. How we choose to implement our minds is what makes us human.

The fact that you as a person are aware of things that the salmon is not, like water pollution and geometry, is a gift given to you. How you choose to implement your knowledge is the test of you. Will you drain your waste into the backyard stream after changing the oil in your car, even knowing that it will kill the fish? Will you dump it in a stream a few miles down the road where you will not notice so much? Will you make a point of going out of your way, inconvenience yourself on your day off, take time away from popping colored bubbles on your computer screen to recycle it at the transfer station?

Knowledge is only as powerful as the person wielding it.


2 thoughts on “More From The Peanut Gallery

    1. i agree strawberry, the longer i spend in the fragile ecosystem of Kauai the more i respect the aina (land) i eat from and the resources i consume. in such a contained environment the impact of human people is starkly evident. live pono.


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