I Don’t Understand Why

Oil hides well under the crust of land. Safely stored in the depths beneath layers of top soil housing roots, aquifers feeding trees and stone beds that shape the sweet currents of rain water. Balanced carefully by Mother Nature, contained where it’s foul breath cannot harm the living.

Along come a race of homo-sapien high minded creatures calling themselves intelligent who are completely ignorant of the destructive power of this ‘black gold’, caring only for the profit gained. They wantonly spread this poison across the land, choking plants, animals, and even their own children in pursuit of riches. Spewing mass amounts of carbon monoxide into the air and cutting down the trees that would have filtered this foul contamination.

“This pine would make a good armchair.” Someone says to themselves. “I would rather sit comfortably in front of my television then breathe freely. Hey, no big deal, that’s why I have air filtration in my home, so I dont have to inhale that exhaust. A chair is much more practical than a tree anyway. A cedar tree just sits there rustling, but if I make furniture I can SELL it. Make MONEY. Aren’t I innovative?”

At first it was good, business was booming, the outlook was promising and a brave new world of possabilities opened up before the stunned eyes of those launched into an industrial age… But it did not last too long.

There is no blame in ignorance, one cannot denounce the first pioneers of the oil industry, they were merely a bunch of lucky fellows getting rich from hard work and clever ideas. Yet even when they had learned the impact of their trade, when the realization hit that the pollution and corruption of black gold was choking the planet and burning holes in the ozone, they chose not to cease or curb their destruction, but continued to doggedly soldier on in persuit of the sacred dollar bill. This to me is disgusting, deplorable and unforgivable.

Would you continue to feed a child something you knew would eventually kill them only because you didn’t want to spend the gas money driving to the store? It is easier to continue along a path of death and destruction than it is to build a new road.

Intelligent life forms will make the most ignorant decisions. If it is easier to go with the flow than to swim contrary to the current, you can bet that’s what they will do. Even if the flow goes right over a waterfall and into the jaws of sure death.


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