Romancing The Dawn

Bouncing over clouds that bare a silver lining,
Darkness bows it’s head to the morning sun shining,

Moving onward now as my feet seek their way,
Through the dawn pushing night into a new day,

Brushing back the cobwebs of my sticky nest of dream,
Sipping coffee and contentment with a maple’s tired lean,

Sleepy thoughts cascading like water over stone,
Slowly softening the edges of sharp protruding bone,

Wind whispers in the grass by the roadside that I tread,
Sweet lassitude eluding me as I quit my empty bed,

Wrapped up in robes of morning I am humming to myself,
The heart in my pocket is my currency and wealth,

With a heavy weight I carry all the demons on my shoulder,
Angels seem so scarce now with my body growing older,

Joints creaking like a forest in a gentle autumn breeze,
I cannot battle logic from down here on my knees,

A poet with no pages heading off to puch the clock,
Weapons of mass distraction haunt the shadows where I walk,

A lonely keening wail uttered only by my pen,
As silence settles settles on my tongue where kisses once had been.


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