Evening At The Beach

I have all the right answers, but the right question must be asked,
Peeling back the layers, ’till confusion is unmasked,

Shaking like a water dog, shedding river from my fur,
The ocean is more powerful, touching deep within,

Licking my wounds with a salty tongue, whispering of life,
Married to the tides with seaweed for a wife,

Bare toes make a trail, swallowed by a wave,
Learning all my lessons as the swells misbehave,

Treading water as the froth baptizes me in Love,
The remnance of the Mother my body is made of,

Lassitude of pushing, pulling with each breath,
Riding lightly with the rhythm of life and quiet death,

Thoughts do not bind me here, all is weightless in the sea,
Memories and ghosts no longer haunting me,

But the sun is setting swiftly, setting fire to the sky,
Red and yellow flames, scorching green eyes,

Iris the color of the ocean cries, with the excuse of salt,
No matter how my heart protests, it really was my fault.


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