So weightless is your aspect, my eyes see right through you and those lightly bandied words,

Trying to hold me down with smiles and sweet talk, my ears hear only morning birds,


Sails cutting wind like the ties of past delusion, learning from myself,

I need no comforts of the flesh, this poetry is my wealth,


Why, you ask me, must I build my walls so high,

Stock up on flaming arrows and a clenched fist full of sighs,


Well my feet have walked these roads before, no longer easy prey,

I’ve learned to cut the snagging line and let that fish go play,


Tied down to another’s melody, dancing to songs that were never mine,

I make my own back beat now, it’s my turn to sing this time,


May never please you or complete you comfortable in my eyes,

But just learn to be grateful for the lack of games and lies,


What you see is what you get, my pages are my reprieve,

They will hold me in the darkness long after you leave.


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