Poems Like Road Signs

All the words have been spoken

Limits have been broken

Epiphanies have been squandered

Worthy thoughts have wandered

Poets go unheeded

Fears remain firmly seated

Truth is taken for granted

Previous beliefs supplanted

How can I stroke your wonder?

In the well of conscience pull you under?

Can I map the lovely form of you?

Shape your mind as sculptors do?

Like a writer’s graffiti on your skin

Should I paint the feeling deep within?

Lovely dancing metaphors

The crooking finger of open doors

Inviting you to slip your thoughts inside

Take the stallions of expectation for a wild ride

Un-reigned, unfettered, upon a page

Truth is dancing a notebook stage

Crooning softly the stanza wet with ink

Tiny dreams each time you blink

Eyes hungrily dine on this feast of life

Succulent sweets where love is rife

Do you know the way through descending lines?

Traverse the maze of a thoughtful mind?

Will finally we meet on the other side?

With no falsity left to hide?

Bare ourselves as pages do?

Remember how to feel new?

I have only my pen to illustrate me

With a sightless eye, do you see?


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