Eternal Moments



Dancing with a rustle of cotton like a tree sways to the music of wind

Listening to melodies wrapped around silence

Star studded wonders in the blink of an eye

Jungle of possibility crouches like a tiger

Down, sliding dew drop

Trembling on a threshold of greenery

Reflecting sky like an epiphany

Echoing sudden laughter, like the darting passage

Of a gecko

When it finally coalesced, that vision

To settle amidst the loam


Patterns played out in the dappling of sunshine

Mapping hidden pathways

Known only to the looking

Where bare toes are gathering dirt stains

Like prayers sent up to heaven

With cardinals and mockingbirds

Filling in all the spaces

Where I bend


Time is forgotten in a breath

Led down convoluted realities, and scaling mole hills

As if mountains had arisen

Within a stillness of thought

Fading, rising, ascending moments

Of cobwebs and kukui nuts


All pages bare a memory of trees

Know the truth of our heart given life in a pen

Etching there with a metaphorical itch

The epitome  of soul and transcendence

Only to gaze upon it later

Discovering only passing shadows

Like sunlight through the boughs

To illustrate such knowing



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