Solicious Solitude

“Come hither” crook of a lush tropical frond

Heat waves dance suggestively in noonday sunshine

Naked beneath the sky

Like a heathen of the Earth

Mountains shimmer as gossamer wings do

Hovering above emerald veils of tree line

Red soil cuddles up with bare ankles

Toes frolic amidst the stain of Brazilian plum

Wind flirts with errant strands of hair

Coaxing it to be wild


Dusty puffs of yesterday’s logic

Drift back where they belong

While lurking in humid shadow

Beneath the Monstera

Is the prevalent whisper of the sea


Into my thoughts like a smile

That creeps upon you unexpectedly

From memory once lost in the well of you

Suddenly coming to light

Is a moment of utter surrender

Where six or seven senses

Know more about one single minute

Then I had previously known of a lifetime

How easy then

To see the vulgar playful wise swaying of the jungle

Winking it’s hummingbird eyes

Through curtains of vine


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