Carnival Of Souls

Go ahead, try to follow me

As I cruise the pathways written in twisted ink scrawling

Catacombs of metaphor with dead end oxymorons

A maze of deception as murky as the Mississippi

Try to watch me palm this coin

Under which expression lay the magical bean?

Did I really just cut that pretty Truth in half?

Do you think you can beat the cosmic chicken at tic tac toe?

Would you like me to read the lines on your soul?

Can I charm your serpent with my celestial flute?

Watch me dance with burning dreams

See me contort into a pretzel with nacho cheese

Ride the hype rocket, fifty percent off for today only

Are you following me at all here?

Did you get lost in a corridor of mirrors, where all you see is yourself?

Is Mary just going around and around?

Well step up step up, try your hand at Roulette

Are you feeling lucky?

God loaded the gun, he promised there was only one bullet

Don’t you trust me?

Look you’ve won an eagle stuffed with french fries

Congratulations, now sign here please

Give me your social status number, how many facebook friends?

Thumb print in the allotted circle

Ethnicity? (you don’t have to answer that)

Pardon me while I take your rectal teperature

Ok, you’re free to go

Hope you enjoyed the carnival

Come again real soon


Don’t forget to bring the family



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