Somewhere In A Meadow


A memory glistens like a drop of dew poised on the the lip of a red rose

Scarlet blooms coloring the moisture with it’s reflection

Trembling with want on the edge of falling

Sweet scents of intoxication languish in the air

I am drunk on the permeating wind

Swaying with the petals, unfolding to drink of sunshine


You step into that thought like a bee does

With a low hum of contentment and a stinger well hidden

Seeking after the nectar of my smiles

Coming to make honey with my sweet spot


The sleight vibration of your movement

Though subtle and gentle as the fall of a leaf

Causes that dew drop of morning

Reflecting the day in all it’s crystalline beauty

To shed itself from my layers of crimson want

Settling into a bed of clover

Where it quenches the thirst of tomorrow’s dream




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