Life, The Universe, And Everything



Ran into a few old skeletons today, when I was cleaning out my closet

Had a fit of unhealthy nostalgia, don’t know what could have caused it


Started singing songs while I drove around, even in the shower

Funny how a simple memory, can wield such heavy power


Well worn tracks of yesterday, I tread with an appraising eye

Saw answers to enigmas, in a sunny Hawaiian sky


Hindsight teaches many things, I laugh despite myself

What a convoluted paradox, this dream up on the shelf


So clearly do I glimpse the path, where bare feet went astray

How contentment gently finds me here, in sweet grass where I lay


When I climbed up from the ditch, the sewage muck and mire

Was reshaped in Desire’s forge, tempered in the fire


I gained the strength of knowing who, of what my soul is made

It’s the steel in my spine, when footprints are mislaid


The past is a lesson, a journey, of no straight and narrow roads

It winds like the path of a river, and to the sea it gently flows




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