Sunsets And Tequila Sunrise


A sunset slips off her red dress, basking in the last fleeting glow of her gaze

Sand licks with a silken tongue, between my toes

Lingering heat on my skin, blushes in her regard

As waves dance endless poetry to the music of wind


On a solitary dune shifting restlessly with the season

I watch the waning of days when we laughed together

Ice tinkles in my glass and I believe it to be half full

Because pessimism never served me quite as well as it did you


That bridge however was too wet to burn

Only smouldered in the hot assault of my passion

Never catching flame as you dampened it with words

That left a stain of tears on those impervious beams


Now that bridge has grown ever longer and wider

As miles stretch between your heart and mine

Yet I see you in the sunset when the dying day is still warm

With shadows passing over our initials carved side by side


Sometimes I wish I could light a fire hot enough

To burn up the space between us

Cut the tether of memories around my ankle

With one sharp look and a flick of my tail


Oh damn that beautiful expanse of sky

For coaxing a smile despite my restraint

I suppose I will go stroll on the empty beach

Where waves will hide footprints, so you cannot follow


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