Left My Heart In Polihale



Like a ghost I haunted the sunsets

Danced with the spirits of midnight

The moon walkers and the monk seals

Butterflies and gecko laughs

While a breeze off the ocean

Sent  a whisper through the keawe


I swayed in a hammock of lassitude

Drank fermented delight on a shifting dune

Washed pots and pans in the spray of the sea

I gathered the raindrops like lines of poetry

As they freckled my skin, spelling out your name

And after you were gone like the passing of summer

Perched on that memory my heart remains




4 thoughts on “Left My Heart In Polihale

    1. Yes, Polihale is a sacred beach in Kauai, Hawaii where I currently live. I spent several months there when I first arrived on the island and it stole my heart. Polihale means “house of the spirits”


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