Bottom Of A Bottle


You never call me when you’re sober

Likely because you’re always drinking

Guzzling down your expensive poison

Into that rut continuously sinking


Dancing the dance of unsteady tread

Through city streets and alleyways

Winding a path through an urban jungle

Just passing time and killing days


Your soul is just an afterthought

Like putting down the toilet seat

Only noticed briefly here and there

When good impressions require deceit


Your conscience is like a mosquito whine

Slapped away when it gets too loud in your ears

Just a hollow echo in the well of you

Future devoured by your fears


Bones growing brittle beneath the mask

Of youth and smiles worn like silk

Suits can’t hide what is in your eyes

While you speak the lies as white as milk


A wonder they do not curdle in your mouth

They sure leave a sour taste in mine

But you always were the master of self deception

Blissfully ignorant time after time


It’s sad to see you broken like this

Like a marionette with tangled strings

But I cannot save you from yourself

When you crave the death your vodka brings


So you chase your own tail like a fool

Smoking all those pipe dreams starry-eyed

Imagining that this is just a bump in the road

That you’ll die fat rich and dignified


I am crying for you in my secret heart

To see beauty decimated so

All the fires of passion and intellect

Now a meager ember’s glow




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