On The Wings Of Winter



To sit at the feet of the sea, soaking in the whispered wisdom of her tides

Smell of hot stone, green humid groves, carried in a salty trade wind

Winter is a flash of rain shower, fierce as it is brief, mist as it meets warm pavement

Sand dunes get up and walk around at night, never the same in the eyes of sunrise

Vines continue to bear ripening fruit, flowers bloom fearlessly amidst the season

An angry wind may beat his fists on the face of the cliffs,

Rivers advance upon roadways and meadows, disposing of bridges like so much flotsam

The hungry maw of ocean may open up and swallow the beaches where once we fished

Yet the dawn is serenaded by meadow lark and mockingbird, the indomitable rooster’s crow

Sunshine heals gently the ravages of Storm, massaging the red flesh of Kauai

While misty fingers of a storm cloud’s memory, linger in the peaks of volcanic skeletons

Each new day molds the soft flesh of my heart, as it sculpts the land beneath me

Until I arise a monument to the wonder of Pele, eyes star struck with Aloha



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