A Tale Of Two Rivers

This is a Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore at kellieelmore.com

It was a photo prompt of two rivers, one clear and one muddy, and a story came into my head when I saw it. I put a bit of a Hawaiian bend on it, because I have been reading up on my new chosen home and find the language fascinating. Ma’ ema’ e means purity, and Mikelio means mystery, so that is what I have named my two rivers. Wahine means woman.


Ma’ ema’ e was a sweet, doe eyed wahine from high in the cliffs of red volcanic stone, as fresh as Spring morning in the fair shade of an Acacia tree. She giggled, splashed and leapt down the dangerous roadway of fissures and vertical goat paths fearlessly and with a wild abandon, yet also with a blush of innocence like the first blooming of a rose bud.

Her Mother was the sweet caress of tropical rain, and her Father was a fierce winter storm with eyes of lightning. Supple and limber as a willow, she flowed clear and blue into the arms of the valley.

It was in the shade of those jagged cliffs that she met Mikelio, a dark eyed mysterious wanderer of the jungle and the vine. He had crept with slow deliberateness from the cover of greenery, tenderly, intrepidly did he venture from his temple of mosquito clouds and toad chirrups. Saturated in the fine red silt of Hawaiian clay, steeped in the wisdom of tap roots and water lily, he is a somber counterpart to her boisterous way.

Both had a yearning for the womb of the sea, where they would be reborn into a life of salt and tides. They could stroke the face of Mother moon and sway with the dancers in the dark and secret depths. They yearned to frolic with the whales and meditate with the coral, so together they left their valley.

Entwined as lovers seeking after the Source, they tumbled from lips of stone. Whispering endearments to each other through keawe groves and guinea grass fields, shameless in their nakedness of heart.

When the two at last came to dark stone beach littered with crabs, for a moment Ma’ ema’ e feared. What would become of them in the blue unknown of the heaving sea? Would they be lost to each other in the currents of the deep? But Mikelio just smiled at her with a knowing way, as they rushed together to become one with each other, and one with the sea. He just told her gently,



7 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Rivers

  1. oh my dear! I have goosebumps. I looooove the sensuality and the way you forced me to smell the rain, the air, feel the water, and … heaving… i love that! and this line “she flowed clear and blue into the arms of the valley.” I mean the whole damn thing is stunning! Hawaii is so good to your pen!!!! love love love love love love!!!!


  2. ps… I am sooooooooo happy to have you back. you came back this round with another straggler who disappeared on me. Funny thing is, you two came back and all my newbies that I rounded up that had been joining in regularly are no shows. lol


    1. thank YOU miss Annie Star Keeper, I wish I could share this beach with the world… I suppose I do, in my poetry, but it’s a paltry reflection.
      Best sunsets and sunrises I have ever seen in my life, right here on this little island, and there is always room for another 🙂


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