Lady Muse

Secrets in her lipstick stains

A tender kiss’s warm remains

Deceptive tears like summer rain

Ghostly trail of whispered names


Gossamer and powerful like a spider’s thread

Words in your heart that she never said

Dripping from lips so poisonous red

That stained the sheets of a notebook bed


Her scent like cinnamon haunts your sighs

Those pools of liquid laughing eyes

Chasing her smile like a golden prize

That was obscured by slick and shady lies


You want, you wallow, you covet the skin

Lying naked under silk like delicious sin

Her voice is a melody caressing the wind

As you close your eyes and fall again


Oh, she is sharp like a gleaming blade

Cutting with a banter so lightly made

Metaphors lurking, slow to fade

On the sheets of paper where she laid


You close the book, pulling down the covers

Gently obscuring your ink stained lover

Though in the shadows still, her specter hovers

Haunting prose with reflections of her








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