Beneath The Banyan

Once upon the fair shade of a banyan tree

Where sang the bird and whispered sea

In the shadow of a red cliff’s western lea

A muse of rain clouds came to me


Heat of jungle flesh, in steamy love with sky

Writhing foliage, in a kaleidoscopic eye

Bent softly into smiles, moistening my sigh

Kissing chastely my brows, lustfully my thighs


In scents of wet earth abiding peaceful decay

Laughing breezes with palm fronds play

Where trickles and tickles shape slick red clay

Beneath bare toes that burrow in a perfect day


Rainbows chase the bluster from mountain skirts

Like Mother kissing tenderly outgrown hurts

Sunshine with a grin heartily asserts

Golden glow with a prism flirts


Walk on, this grove, having sheltered my ‘Ohm’

To the beat of bare foot on a path of stone

A song in the memory of jungle loam

Reverberates along the pathway home





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