The Conception

I am re-submitting this to the critical eyes of my readers, because it is stuck in my head and it wants to be read.

The Memory Of Trees

I wish for any of you reading this to give me feedback on this post. I have been trying to write my story for quite some time now, and have been unable to decide on how to begin it. I know full well that a story has to grab you from page one, and that the first chapter sets the stage for what is to come. This was my idea on how to introduce you to my travels, please let me know if I should continue in this vein or sally forth into something more interesting. Mahalo.


On a dry salty stretch of road where heat waves dance a parody of the ocean’s movement, my sandals say flip and flop to the ceaseless wind. Desiccated rattling of brown thirsty grass is littered with the random leavings of humanity passing it by. Cardinals forage among this sad bounty for brightly colored…

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