Dandelion Season

This is yet another Free Write Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore, and I’m very glad I participated. For the last few days I have had pieces of this poem poking and prodding at my psyche. I would be floating off to sleep and the line ‘down where dark boughs laced o’er head, through which no moon or sunlight bled’ would go dancing through my head over and over like a song I couldn’t stop humming. Or I would be in the shower (my favorite time to prose) muttering “Something about a river? What about the dancing people?” I’m sure everyone in the house thought I was crazy.

Anywho, when I saw Kellie’s prompt dandelion season I immediately knew what to write. Love it, great, now it’s out of my head, I gave it life so now it will stop poking me when I’m about my business. Thanx again Kellie, hope you enjoy.



T’was dandelion season when seeds dance on the breeze

Like a lady twirling her skirt her skirt at the knees

Grouse called for love in the shade of pines

While geese flew south in V shaped lines

It was drawing nigh to harvest day

With the sickle moon still weeks away

Though for the souls of six the reaping had come

Leaving their fields fallow and spirits numb

As autumn swayed toward the snowy veil

And passing on the wind went summer’s sails

They found themselves at a reedy shore

Where no living river had flowed before

There in the shallows wallowed a boat

All knew it was the vessel they were to float

So there they cast off on the river Styx

Those wayward lambs, the sullied six

Down where dark boughs laced o’er head

Through which no moon or sunshine bled

Where no starlight bedecked the heaven’s brow

Into the gloom went that naked prow

Fear had fled with the flesh and bone

Hearts of love had turned to stone

Though each bend was blind and fraught with gloom

They wove the darkness on a loom

Soon the trees drew back from the shore

Like drawing the curtain from the stage floor

And around them they glimpsed the play of the life

The actors of love, tragedy and plight

Wraiths of the living all ignorant of their proximity

Of that thin divide between their breath and mortality

Dancing to the beat of their own little drummer

Eternally bare-foot in delusional summer

The sunshine of life aglow on their flesh

Like the bloom of a rose when the morning is fresh

Never seeing the river or the currents beneath

Though the eddies were constantly wetting their feet

As the six flowed by they saw these things

And with one heart began to sing


“we’re all a-drifting in a dandelion season

Scattering seeds on the winds of our breathin’

Wetting our toes in the waters of life

With love for a husband and death for a wife”


Onward they sailed serenading the night

In the place where hungry darkness swallowed the light

By the time Charon appeared on the bony shore

They feared his offering no more

For they had seen pieces of Truth in the ripples of water

Glimpsed the face of Midnight’s daughter

And laughed away their bygone days

Turning their cheeks to the mortal ways

While above the dandelions spread their seeds

Where gardeners curse and call them weeds

And perhaps when they are chucked on the green waste pile

They curl their leaves with a knowing smile


7 thoughts on “Dandelion Season

  1. Wow Kelley! I am not sure what to say, this had me mesmerized from the beginning. As I was reading my mind pictured something out of Lord of the Rings, a beautiful story told with emotion and heart. I loved it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. KELLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing you soooooo much!!!

    This is so beautiful. I read it out loud. And it sounded so pretty. One other like that this week. I have always loved reading you. WIsh I could more often. How are you? Hope all is well. Please don’t be a stranger! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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