Eve’s Apple

Biting into the middle, the core, the seed that grew a twisted tree

Discovering a worm in all that sweet flesh

Burrowing all the way back to the beginning

Before that first green shoot burst forth like an egg in the nest

Even before that first tentative, blind grasping of a root

And I understand why you would say the fault was mine

Damned for being pushed from the womb of the world as a woman

Cursed with the red mark of blood on my thighs

Swaying to the rhythms of a waxing moon, a mystery, enigma

The one who dared to follow Mother, taste forbidden fruit

I see how it could terrify, the unknown which I possess

But have no fear of tricks or subterfuge,

I’m just relaxing here against this tree, dappled by the shade

Thinking my own quiet thoughts, while I eat this apple





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