Remember When…

I remember an emerald summertime

When the leaves rustled lyrical rhyme

Set to a rhythm of dancing streams

Where maple boughs dappled dreams

We laughed like sunshine on the waves

Squinting our eyes from sunset rays

To glimpse the colors of fading skies

Wishing on stars that had yet to rise

Oh what folly of youth, what sweet delight

Glowing brightly even in the blackest night

For we were candles burning with desire

With hearts of love and eyes of fire

Dreaming our dreams of sweet reprieve

Before the maple shed her autumn leaves

For the turning year was a turning cheek

A rain of words flooded the gentle creek

‘Till a torrent raged with the season’s storm

And from the arms of soil the tree was torn

But what I remember is that sweet summertime

When you were so close you were almost mine

And it teases my smile like a scent on the wind

Into my empty heart it comes rushing in

Until my lips curl upward and gently I sigh

One hell of a season, one hell of a guy


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