The Story

The video of memory, begins in the soft glow of black and white

Two proud parents posing on the hood of a station wagon

Small bundle swaddled in white, cradled in one arm

Fade to the worn skies and burnt brown of a Texas prairie

Little brunette in her brother’s rolled up jeans, white tank top

Jelly-blue cheeks smushed up with laughter, bare brown toes

Fade to bright red sweatshirt and a pre-teen pout

Baggy jeans and Shakespeare dreams, G.I. Joes in a yellow tackle box

Kicking pebbles and trying to rhyme words with orange

Fade to a young woman with a red doggie escort

Running through fern groves and leaping stony creek beds

Filling notebooks with poems and pockets with pebbles

Fade to an airport and two suitcases, filled with all she chose to keep

Leaping the Pacific ocean, landing lightly on the bay

Learning Aloha, and spicy ahi tacos, feet stained with red volcanic soil

Fade to the bright sunny photo of two proud new parents

Standing on a beach without a cloud in the sky

Small bundle swaddled in white, proudly under one arm

Fade to black 


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