Mother Moon


Long ago I met a Woman of the Moon

She shone her light into my darkest hour

In her warm little heart she made some room

Where my smile bloomed like a wild flower


Mother, sister, a port in the storm

She taught me to be strong

To heal the place where I was torn

And sing my spirit song


A child I was, in a tempest gale

She was my sheltering stone

When it seemed my strength would surely fail

She gave my heart a home


How to thank one such as she

A woman who saved my soul?

Poetry cannot hope to be

The cup that runneth full


I see her still when nights are black

Smell patchouli in memories

In the mirror, her reflection looking back

And Rolling Stone melodies


She used to make me eggs on toast

With coffee black and sweet

Always thick, Arabica roast

With bare morning feet


Sunshine through her kitchen window

Still golden in my mind

Though life has changed and fresh wind blows

She is still my greatest find



Dedicated to Moon Mullens, my soul Mother, who needs to smile more


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