Wish You Well, Time Will Tell

I am the stone that gathers no moss

Tumbling, rolling, down a hill of loss

My end, unavoidable, in the valley below

Where I will shatter into the river’s flow


My name is Fate, you may call me Hope

Come join me on the slippery slope

Where good intentions come to naught

And a clean way out cannot be bought


You will soil your hands if you seek to hold

Yet Hope will warm you in the cold

A shooting star that burns the reaching grasp

And still you wish as I sail past


Upon my tip you will hang your dreams

How far away that ending seems

Have you forgotten that you can also glow

Into the darkness, boldly go?


Little do you know I see your light

Shining back to me in the endless night

And to me you are the brightest star

So I make a wish upon your scar


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