Writing Exercise

In honor of FWF this week, I have re-posted my favorite entry for Kellie Elmore. This one captured perfectly thought process when I sit down to write. Thanx Kellie, you’re awesome.

The Memory Of Trees


“Writing Raw” she calls it. Throwing the uncooked meat of my thought on to the pire of her pages. Unfettered and unedited, the profuse loquaciousness of my perfidious pen.

Do not second guess, no spell checker or re-read to smooth the sharp edges of my wit…. What to say? Such harsh realities are bound to cut the tender flesh of a beautiful mind, like gripping a rose in an uncalloused palm. The thorns of my metaphor will push past the tender walls of flesh to find the inner pathways of blood and nerve endings.

Let the mind wander.

Gathering freckles of stardust in the cosmic sun rays, getting a thoughtful tan.

A forest of notebooks growing around me, their scarlet words like leaves drifting down to whisper at my feet when I walk. Memories brief and euphoric, like a hummingbird flitting through the boughs, elusive and achingly beautiful.


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