The Gauntlet 11/09

Well I’ll be damned if this one didn’t make me laugh out loud. I run in to these little gems every now and then, the spunky moxie in me bristling her fur. VERY funny

The Memory Of Trees

I am a chalice, I am a sword,

   The line twixt wrong and right,

I am fire, and I am the ocean,

   All the tears you fight,


I am a tree, I am the earth,

   A living mountain stream,

I am hope, and I am pain,

   Every unheard scream,


I am your woman, and I am my own,

   Untamed and out of bounds,

I am a chain, and I am flight,

   The morning coffee sounds,


I am a rock, I am the wind,

   A whisper in the dark,

I am war, and I am peace,

   The fears within your heart,


I am your Goddess, I am religion,

   All the demons of hell,

I am a lover, and I am a warrior,

   So choose your weapons well.

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