One Love


Tired wind shuffles dead leaves and rusting dust halfheartedly across the pavement in little spirals, like a bored child doodling in the margins. It whispers dryly summer’s secrets to the indifferent ears of monk seals as it sips the ocean from their slick hide. Rattling through the keawe groves, it ruffles the scarlet plumage of the cardinals who are singing songs of flight.

Sunshine smiles warmly upon the island, massaging the rolling muscles of hills and the cramped, bony valleys. 

The jungle sprawls lazily in her own sultry heat, green tangled locks of vine festooned with morning glory blooms. With a wink of her devious eye, she will tempt you with a lilikoi’s sweet and sour kisses. With the crook of a banyan tree’s supple root like a beckoning finger she will invite you deeper into the smoldering loam, where she will tickle you with the legs of red ants and bite you with the hot mouth of a centipede.

Waves are lapping at the rough skin of the beach with a salty tongue, tasting the brine of fish and sipping at the pitted old faces of lava rock. It playfully tickles the feet of blackened cliffs and whispers into their hollow ears “One day you will be mine.”

Down through the hollow of the valley lay the red-skinned river, tossing and turning on her bed of elephant grass and mangrove root. Her serpentine body glistening in the tropical sun like a lusty maiden, her cheeks blushing pink with iron-rich soil, she sways her hips invitingly through shadowy groves and flowering meadows.

The sky is seduced by the island’s bold display of beauty. Wrapping his soft loving arms around her glistening frame, he sings to her songs of albatross and thunder, raining kisses down upon her mountainous brow. He adorns her crown of amber canyons with a single white cloud, like he is placing a plumeria blossom behind the ear of his Love. 

My heart strings are plucked by this day of many days like a pure note in a widening song, a ukulele softly muttering into the wind. Upon my soft seat of grass I watch the Aina loving with abandon and I am caught like driftwood in the swift currents of desire.

Aloha to you my brother/sister father/mother family of the world, Aloha with all of my wet little heart.


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