A Walk Into Metaphor

Reaching for silence

Like a bough that yearns for sun

Cacophony of the civilized

Where cars whine like mosquitoes

In my ears, and the planes

Tangle my hair

When I gaze upward


Look at that tree over there

Parked on his meager patch of green

Fenced in, like the buffalo

Herds of sheeple pass him by

Coughing their carbon dioxide into his face

And he calmly breathes it in

Benevolently returns to them oxygen

A Zen Master, a deciduous Buddha

Someone please, give him a hug


Passing the gas pumps now

The urban watering hole

Where housewives and lawyers

Are feeding their metal beasts of burden

Like camel drovers at an oasis- except

There is no clean water here


At my feet, nearly trod upon

Through the cracked and crumbling concrete facade

A little plant, a wild thing

Like a tough, street-smart survivor

Orphaned from the mother meadow

Stealing food from the gutter

It has one tiny pink blossom

That I do not pluck


Into the local market

Where summer is halted at the door

By air conditioners like surly bouncers

So I carry it with me, on my skin

Sweaty and hot from my

Stroll into metaphor

Like sneaking cinnamon bears

Into the movie theater

When I was thirteen


Foraging for mangoes beneath florescent skies

Stalking egg noodles

And the lady with big hooters

Pouts at me from a box of rice

“Taste me, buy me, I’m on sale”

But I never liked cheap woman


I give the nice woman at the counter some paper

So she will let me keep the food

because in this world money, has more worth

Than the damn fruit, or

The soil it grows in


Walking home now, and

The hedges are all square

Around the law offices, like

God forbid a bush, would look

Like a bush

But I see a vacant lot, adjacent

That flouts austerity

All tangled vine, and what is this?

But an avocado tree, just there

With open arms she offers willingly

Her fresh green meat

I deviate from my path because

I am a deviant


Surreptitious look around, and with a hop

Over the little fence, crossing the line

Crouched like a deer approaching

An unfamiliar meadow, I peer

Weaving through thicket, thorn, ouch!

Tree trunk smooth and warm, good hold

Genes that slumbered for millions of years

Recalled to my limbs the knowledge of the canopy

And there, my prize, clutched leathery and firm

Into my shirt front

I return to the world of men


At home a special pride

As the fruit nestles in among apples and banana

On the counter, in a bowl, for all to see

Proof that in a world of artificiality

Where everything has a rhyme or reason

There are still words like “orange”

That will stump you every time

Because they are deviants



11 thoughts on “A Walk Into Metaphor

    1. hey Ed, you sneaky devil, you can’t comment when you are logged in as me, it sounds like I am either extremely conceited or mildly unhinged- and what are you doing still logged in as me anyway, you scamp, no more sugar cookies for you


  1. Love…
    I read this a couple weeks ago, when you first posted it to my blog. I have so little time to reply to anything lately so I bookmarked this post so I could come back because I HAD to tell you how much I love it. I was completely submerged in every word, every image, I was on that walk with you. It is so rare that I am able to really sink myself into a piece like that. It is rare to find pieces written as to allow me to do so. Then here you come, lighting my world up and giving me the gift again.
    You captivate me with your vision of the world. I adore it. And I will savor this piece forever.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much Kellie, sorry it took a while to get back to you, we just had a tropical storm pass and are getting ready for a possible hurricane. We have been busy filling buckets with water and wrestling big Hawaiian Tittas (big mammas) for some bottled water and T.P. at the local store. Here is a link to the view of the weather over here, Ill get back to ya latta


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