Steps In Darkness Pt. 1

Steps In Darkness is a culmination of the last few pages in my Mainland journal (the entries that captured the sorry state of mind that brought me to lovely Kauai).


Apathy’s maw yawns before me

A mouth of black madness

Empty, soundless screaming

Clawing up from the depths of my pink inner flesh

Teeth of metaphor, too sharp

Chewing up my words into unidentifiable mush

Masticating my pathetic pen scrawling, and

Receiving no nourishment

From the weightless, meatless drivel

Regurgitated upon beautiful blue lines

That recoil at the stain of ink

Like I have slapped them


Tone deaf, obliterated

I sing like a drunken sailor

As cerulean waves on the page

Swamp the wildly careening vessel of poetry

Send the whole thing down to silent depths

Where wordless, formless

Lives in darkness

As only a feeling, a glimmer

The fragile fluttering of soul

In tenuous breath


Silence… Absence… Solitude

The leaky faucet of my inspiration

Drips forlornly into emptiness

Echoing on the walls

Of cavernous want

And my arms are reaching

Like a tree, like a drowning swimmer

But there is no sunlight, no rope of words

Woven together with summer and kindness

Only the winter

And these featherless wings



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