Steps In Darkness Pt. 3 Last Walk

Pissing in the wind
This poetry for cobwebs
My desiccation

Where did the scent of cedar go?
The hue that lit your auburn hair?
Frozen hopes in tracks of snow
But I didn’t find you there

Ice gripping heavy-handed, bliss
A mere memory of poems
That illustrate your summer’s kiss
Our frolic in the loam

1 2, 1 2, tread like my pulsing veins
Swallowed by night’s black gullet
Springtime cannot wash the stains
Of friendship’s careless bullet

I echo when I think of you
It is truly that hollow
Traded your touch of grey for tangled blue
Left you to your wallow

You have pulled my strings, this heart so wild
Is thrashing at her confines
Swimming up slowly from the depths of your wile
Eyes no longer blind

But this breast for so long starved of air
Burns when filled with southern wind
Broken pieces still tender, laid bare
And almost, I rescind

A vision of beauty, a star dusted Pan
Kaleidoscopes of glamour, dazzling
But I am wise enough now to understand
Beneath, you are unraveling


2 thoughts on “Steps In Darkness Pt. 3 Last Walk

  1. Hi Kelley,

    Great job with this, and indeed the whole Steps into Darkness series. You’re writing is so rich and raw with emotion and imagery. Look forward to reading more.



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