The Boss Of Me


Deft little puppeteer

Drive me to the point of

1… 2… 3…

Then you smile, like that

You bugger

I find no words for this

Rhyme and reason fail

Those snorts and giggles

Like a manic piglet

Rooting among the blankets

For a glimpse of Daddy’s face

At two a.m.

A slow stroll

Shoulders burning

Round and round

Starlit kitchen, empty hallway

With those sleepy blue eyes

Making sure I am watching

Until merciful Morpheus

Takes pity on me

Sweet, humid smell

Of your sweaty hair

Delirious from play

As you reach up to grab my nose

With ragged, wet leaves

Still clenched in one clammy fist

My life for yours, simply because

That is how a mother loves

Your voice a tether, my heart bound

In golden threads

Wrapped neatly around

Your fuzzy little finger


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