A Poem I Didn’t Write, While Trying To Write A Poem

I’m trying to write a poem for you

Of your ancient eyes, their azure hue

How your gaze can weigh my heart and soul

The sun and moon, my tidal pull


I would like to paint you in the evening glow

Capture your giggle in a line of prose

Yet you slip and slide around the rhymes

Till the words trip over themselves in mind


So… If I can’t sculpt your shape or complexity

Perhaps I can just finish this piece of poetry

Climbing up my leg is no help at all

Here, a laughing monkey, a jingling ball


Ok then, come help mamma finish this thing

It’s all scattered now, and crumbling

It was going to be something really neat

Now I’ve no more flow, I lost the beat


This is what happens when poetry meets baby

It makes a sleepless, poemless, happy lady

I don’t even mind that it all fell through

It was worth it all, for having you




first poem by Simon :

djchbwldjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhbb;;;;;;;;;;;;;kjjj   jjjhhj67yyhun

He is the only one who knows how to say that


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