A long walk in slow darkness

Night is heavy liquid, honey sweet

Saturated in thoughts of early dew

Toes wet with grassy kisses

Your name was in the raindrops

Spelled out in wet facsimile

Of your smile

Tasted just like heaven

On the tip of my pen


“I will give you a poem” he says

Silhouetted by the moon

A silver corona of metaphor

Adjectives tangled in the lines of his body

Paradigm of paradox

Glowing crescent of lunar lips

More than mere stars in midnight eyes

Galaxies coaxed me to tangled mystery

In stellar  glow


Paint me with passionate pigments

Fingertips illustrating my curvature

Until my body comes alive with your artistry

Arising from the white linen canvass

Of our tangled sheets


Emerald, azure… Amber, grey

I will never see your iris the same color twice

Morning glow finds you mis-matched and beautiful

Harassed from your fuzzy cocoon

By some smiling baby blues and a tiny hand

That slaps you in the face with joyful gusto

Your wordless groan says many things

But mostly it says, I love you



For Sam



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