Evergreen, they called her

When others caught fire with Autumn

Burned by stars grasped

In their dry arms of Alder

She stood verdantly defiant

Staring down the frigid glare of Winter

Daring him to blink

With a shrug of her solid shoulders

Brushing off the cold blankets of snow

To stand starkly nude

Against the shine of onyx night

It did not matter that she remained rooted

She wandered as seed from grove to meadow

Clutched by the hot wet cheeks of chipmunks

Who alone knew the secrets she could whisper

When the breeze was just right

As January’s cold hand sculpted white phantoms

In wind-blown flurries

She could hear Death stalking the wee hours before dawn

Popping like arthritic joints

Frost creeping in beneath warm bark

Her brittle neighbors falling one by one

Their thin dry limbs gathering at her feet

Where two-legged wanderlust

Had once left a red apple

Yet she does not shed her foliage

Embrace death and a fallen crown of withered dreams

No burrowing into silent earth

Retreating from harsh gales of change

Those boughs reach through veils of frozen breath

Obstinate grip on the stony mountain

Refusing to be complacent

To the reign of Old Man Winter

Her silent, passive protest

Is an emerald flag of green

Waving gently over a hushed battlefield

Where fresh blankets of deceitful snow

Will obscure the scarlet puddles

Of withered maple



7 thoughts on “Evergreen

  1. Oh my God. I have no words to give you right now. But I will. When I can draw them out from behind this lump. I will return.
    With the deepest gratitude.
    Your timing… wow. I can’t even tell you.


    1. I began thinking of you for some reason while writing this, and I knew you had to have it. I’m glad I listened to my intuition and sent it to you.
      No need for words my friend, poetry is just… magical sometimes 🙂


      1. I’ve never had anything written with me in mind, at least that I’m aware of. And you brought me to tears. This spoke to me on so many levels and magic has nothing on the power of your words. I needed this more than you know. I won’t dump my baggage on you, just know that this is beyond special to me. And it saved and washed my spirit in a way I cannot explain. My cup runneth over. I love you.


      2. I LOVE YOU TOO sorry I had to shout that. You make me so happy sweetie pie I’m so glad I could give you a nice poem. I started writing about winter, but I thought of you instead, maybe winter is cold for you right now.
        Many times you have written a poem that made me say “wow, how did she know I needed that? What a tricky lass she tugs my heartstrings from all the way in Tennessee.” so I guess it was my turn to give you a poetic hug from afar 🙂


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