Night Breeds Obscurity

Lean into the wind

The time for bending like a reed has gone

A last gasp of day, expired sunlight

Decays gently on a wisp of cloud

Ephemeral twilight stealthily emerges

With the bandit faced raccoon

Arise, grow strong

No more will you squat as Buddha

Among the toadstools

Mycelium, though wise

Do not dance like a falling leaf

Persevere, a salmon will teach you

How to conquer currents of opposition

Into pebble-strewn margins of your page

Where poetry goes to die

I have cached the eggs of superstition

Hatching into Gods of sunlit moss, and

Temples that are now only sand

Roar like the ocean, for  a lion

Never devoured a village in his wrath

Shadows will come softly on feline pads

Mice will fear the moon-glow

You will be unbending, like a pillar

Holding the world on his shoulders

I tell you now, if you can find leverage strong enough

A solid place on which to stand

You could move this world with ease

That butterfly never felt a breeze

From the hurricane



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