When I Was A Trade Wind

Wind rushes into my open mouth

Possessed, love-drunk, reeling in the grass

Having the urge to make autumn leaves

Pirouette when I pass them by

Muss fondly, hairy tree-lines of the mountain

To sculpt clouds into tempest above the sea

Belly full of jasmine blossom

Tongue tingles with night blooming passions

Salty-skinned ocean lapping

‘Round the edges of me

Which have become blurred, shapeless

Supple in my disembodied melody

Through palm fronds, tangled jungle pathways

Dancing in earthen rhythms

When I sing to them

In this moment I am weightless

A passing whisper tasting poetry

I could fill your sails, your feathers, your drafty corners

And you would never see me there

Only feel me gently, on your skin

When the forest rustled


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