Eat Your Heart Out

You will not find my words carved into a cave wall

Flickering in shadow among protrusions of granite and calcite

My message was carved long ago on a passing wind

Sculpted with daylight and decadent dreaming, sinuously

Did it wend it’s way into your heart

Riding one innocuous breath, in a moment of stillness

As a boneless sway, a graceful whisper

Rode your slight inhale

On wild stallions of wanting

Slipped softly into your hot moisture, and there

Writhed with orgasmic epiphany on your taste buds

Saliva making supple, pliable, the hard edges of truth

As you rolled around this untamed flavor

Across the hard roof of your mouth, along your teeth

And as you drew me down deeper, into your lungs

I permeated the soft inner tissues

So pink and tender beneath your shell

Slipping into the heated rush of your blood, quenching

Burning questions with a deluge of metaphor

Then, ascending your depths on a wine-scented exhale

Those words become yours

Tips of your fingers dancing on guitar strings

Arms filled with the winds of Fate

You took flight upon updrafts of poetry

Now when trees shake and mountains mumble

Restless with seasonal bluster

It is your melody they dance to in eager squall

My message a receding echo

Colored with your hues

A rainbow retreating from the glare of sun

No monument stands to my paltry pen

Only the tune you carry softly on your lips

Will remember the name of Kelley Rose

Who painted the sky with prose


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