My Old Flame

She is that moment before a storm

On the verge of raw elemental power

Poised between threat and lavishing rain

Iron on your tongue when you taste her

Charged particles crackling with energy

Electric words erupting from the tempest of her mouth

Shocking, abrasive, wild and beautiful

Makes your hair stand on end, you

Want to dance wildly in the hurricane eye

As you are buffeted by her windy wanting

Drenched by her weeping willows

Heaving currents of air

Sweep you off your feet

Into rivers of breath

Gasping, you plead

As your lungs fill with prose

Reaching desperately for a pen

“What is your name, my Lady?”

Her reply writhes in ink still wet with loving

In a howl of wind through midnight canyons

As the whisper of Autumn leaves

A drop of water on thirsty earth

Of songbirds in the morning

“I am vision when all is dark

A lie that tells the truth

Your Mother, sister… your child, your God

Scabby knees of youth

I am the reflection in your iris

As moonlight fills your eye

A memory of trees when the forest has gone

And every lonely sigh.”

You know her then, as you always have

Laying her passionately upon the sheets

No honey bee or sugar tart

Could ever melt like her upon your tongue

Your Muse of Fire, Lady of Shadow

A poem spoken softly

To the southern wind


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