Waters of Woman

Moonlight awash in the glow of you

As oceans do, you ripple

Liquid tides of your breasts heave rhythmically

Rise and fall of your foamy thighs

Walking to melodies of…

Naked in your gaze

You bare yourself without shame

Sands lavishing your toes with a warm caress

You bear this devoted attention lightly

Stars peer shyly from the curve of your hips

Orion crowns you as you tilt your head in question

Night holds no answers, only shadow

Down the beach you pour your stride

Flowing like a river to the embrace of sea

Abandoning those heights of mountainous charm

Scaled by adventurous fools who felt victorious, powerful

When they conquered those peaks

Feeling tall as they stood upon those sturdy shoulders

Where the air was thin and the scream of a hawk

Was the only accompaniment to howling wind

Down through valleys of sorrow and canyons of grief

Across flat expanses of monotony and marshy mires of apathy

A delicate step sends you splashing along the rocky shore

Tumbling into the waves

Giving yourself to currents of emotion

So vast you cannot help but be pulled, yearning

For Luna’s empowering gravity

And once saturated fully by weighty knowing

You are pulled deep into the watery womb

Sinking down to where darkness becomes vision

Where silence becomes music

Spirit becomes poetry

Curling into a fetal thought

Like a period at the end of a brilliant novel

The finality of your flesh illustrates…

But no, that is not your story

Endings are not cleanly cut like a butcher’s steak

A dying tree is the beginning of soil

A fading day is the birth of night

You know this like the salmon does

Who hides his hope in shady gravel

Before giving himself to the grizzly bear

So, your pen aching with each wet curve

Ink glistening on white flesh, an impromptu canvass

You scrawl you message like a Siren’s song:

“Follow me”


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