Between Breaths

Passing on a whim

Slipshod him

Leaves tumble with ambivalent breeze

Grassy arms waving skyward

As rapturous limbs at a rock concert

Akeke ‘e never had such reception

To his morning trill



Steam rising in a primordial pool

Murky depths of my coffee cup

Harbors the first stirring of daybreak daydreams

Bathed softly in a golden glow

Of hazelnut creamer

My Ganges river



Brass singing bowl that no longer sings

Dried sage smolders like passion

Serpents, smoky spectral temptations

Arise boneless from her silent mouth

Writhe aching in this still hour

Longing for the wind

Just beyond those panes







Akeke ‘e is a small yellow bird here on Kauai, HI




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